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Slains Castle
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Slains CastleSlains Castle is set on the dramatic clifftops overlooking the North Sea near Cruden Bay in Aberdeenshire.

The Castle was built in 1597 by Francis Hay, the 9th Earl of Errol on the site of the former 16th century stone tower house of Bowness to replace the earlier Old Slains Castle, which was located 10 km to theSlains Castle southwest and had been destroyed in 1594 by James VI (after the Hays participated in the 1594 rebellion).

During the years (new) Slains Castle has seen many reconstructions and alterations until 1837. In 1916 the 20th Earl was forced to sell the castle and from then on it unfortunately fell into disrepair.

Due to safety reasons the roof was removed in 1925.

All that is left now is a huge ruin, very impressive though with the breathtaking location being one of the main attractions to the site.
Slains Castle
Slains Castle
Slains Castle
Besides, Slains Castle is most famous for its association with Bram Stoker. The author would often spend his holidays at Cruden Bay and stayed at the Castle when the 19th Earl of Erroll used to entertain many celebrities there. It is said that Bram Stoker started work on his most famous book "Dracula" while staying in Cruden Bay in 1895 and was inspired by the spectacular scenery and of course Slains Castle itself when he created Count Dracula's home in Transylvania.

Slains Castle
Slains Castle


Due to the many alterations during a long period of time, the castle consists of diverse building material such as granite, red brick and sandstone.
Slains Castle
Slains Castle
Slains Castle the corridor

If you are going to explore Slains Castle please be careful. The ruin itself is not well-kept and in a tumble-down condition and the location itself, beautiful as it is, can be dangerous too. Beware of the steep cliffs.
memorial plague at Slains Castle

The memorial plague at the site tells:

These cliffs are very dangerous
Please remember
Nicolas French, our son
who fell to his death
near Sugar Loaf Rock
3 March 1991
aged 7 years
Slains Castle and cliffs
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