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Lighthouses - aren't they the most graceful and romantic buildings you have ever seen?

I have to admit, that I had always a special liking for those architectural masterpieces that are not only esthetically beautiful but also essential engineering machines to guide ships along the dangerous cliffs and reefs throughout hundreds of years, not seldom being the only signal visible for seamen. Not to forget the adventurous stories that have been ranked around lighthouses. Many beacons are still operational, most of them have been automated meanwhile.

According to the NLB, the number of lighthouses in Scotland had increased in recent years although the types of lighthouses have changed to small units, made of non-corroding materials, run on solar panels and batteries and sometimes on wind power. The new beacons are not much bigger than a decent-sized telephone box.

I want to start this section of the Heartland pages by introducing a few of the numerous Scottish lighthouses, like the tallest (Skerryvore) and the first one (Isle of May) and furthermore provide you with some more useful links to brilliant websites.
On the following pages you'll find

an  interactive map  of some Scottish lighthouses with short descriptions
and an  alphabetical list of lighthouses in Scotland
a list of lighthouse accommodations
There's one particularly famous family that comes to mind when thinking of Scottish lighthouses: The Stevensons.

One member of this dynasty is well-known author of - for example - "Treasure Island" (1883), "Kidnapped" (1886), "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (1886), Robert Louis Stevenson (born in Edinburgh on 13th of November 1850 to Thomas and Margaret Isabella Balfour Stevenson, he died at the early age of 44 on 3rd of December 1894 on Samoa, where he tried to recover from lung disease).

He wasn't into engineering and building lighthouses like his father Thomas Stevenson (1818 - 1887), grandfather Robert (1772 - 1850) and many others of the Stevenson dynasty.

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