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Leaves' Eyes

Leaves' Eyes

Those of you, who like melodic Metal/Rock with Gothic elements, the bands Nightwish and Within Temptation, ought to give "Leaves' Eyes", a band from Southern Germany, a try.

The band is dominated by the clear, beautiful voice of Norwegian vocalist Liv Kristine, an overall powerful production, perfectly played dreamy melodies and lyrics which are inspired by Liv Kristine's home country, Norway, rather than by clichés.

Altough Leaves' Eyes is a quite new project, the musicians are well experienced. Liv Kristine was a member of "Theatre of Tragedy" and her musicians form the well-known band "Atrocity".

With their debut album "Lovelorn" (released 2004) the band have already delivered a masterpiece, which contains not a weak track at all. My favourite songs on the album are "Return to life" and "Norwegian Lovesong".

Their new album "Vinland Saga" is to be released on 30th of May 2005.

The pre-released CD Single "Elegy" promises an exquisite album to follow. The Single contains 6 tracks and is good value for money, especially since the great song "Senses Capture" will not to be found on the album itself.

Leaves' Eyes are:

- Liv Kristine Espenæs Krull (vocals), born 14.02.1976
- Mathias Röderer (guitar), born 21.12.1969
- Thorsten Bauer (guitar), born 15.12.1973
- Chris Lukhaup (bass), born 08.04.1970
- Moritz Neuner (drums & percussion), born 28.06.1977
- Alexander Krull (vocals, Programming), born 31.07.1970


Vinland Saga - album (released on 30.05.2005)
Leaves' Eyes - Vinland Sage

Elegy - Single (2005)

Lovelorn - album (2004)

Into Your Light - Single (2004)


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Leaves' Eyes - Vinland Sage