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Within Temptation

The Dutch Gothic Rock band Within Temptation was founded in 1996 by Robert Westerholt. He got his girlfriend Sharon den Adel for vocals and they started to create a beautiful, emotional, symphonic kind of gothic/melodic Rock music, that takes your breath away. Sharon is an exceptional good singer with a great range and the ability to really interpret a song in her own distinctive way, sometimes reminding of Kate Bush.

I am really enthusiastic about their current release "The Silent Force" (2004), which is the very best album I have heard for quite some time and highly recommendable.

Another brilliant album is the 2000 release "Mother Earth". It might be not as polished as "The Silent Force" but nevertheless has brilliant tracks like "Ice Queen", the title track "Mother Earth" and many more.
The album was re-released in 2003 with bonus tracks!

Within Temptation are:

- Robert Westerholt (guitar), born 02.01.1975
- Sharon den Adel (vocals), born 12.07.1974
- Jeroen van Veen (bass guitar), born 26.10.1974
- Martijn Spierenburg (keyboards), born 30.01.1975
- Stephen van Haestregt (drums), born 12.09.1972
- Ruud Jolie (guitar), born 19.04.1976

Their album releases so far:

Enter (1997)
Within Temptation - Enter

Mother Earth (2000, re-released 2003)
Within Temptation - Mother Earth   

The Silent Force (2004)
Within Temptation - The Silent Force

The Heart of Everything (2007)


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