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Tarja Turunen
(© Toni Härkönen)

Tarja Turunen, born 17.08.1977, is a trained classical singer with a brilliant opera voice. Until 2005 she was the vocalist of Finland's melodic/opera metal band "Nightwish". After leaving Nightwish she has started with her solo career.

The album "My Winter Storm" is Tarja's first solo album containing the great and successful single release "I walk alone".



1.  Ite, Missa Est
2.  I Walk Alone
3.  Lost Northern Star
4.  Seeking For The Reign
5.  The Reign
6.  The Escape Of The Doll
7.  My Little Phoenix
8.  Boy And The Ghost
9.  Sing For Me
10. Oasis
11. Poison
12. Our Great Divide
13. Sunset
14. Damned And Divine
15. Die Alive
16. Minor Heaven
17. Ciarán's Well
18. Calling Grace


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