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As I already said, it all began with Runrig back in 1991, when I heard the voice of Donnie Munro and the sound of the band. Nothing was like before anymore and my interest in music was increasing enormously. Until the departure of Donnie in 1997 I have seen the band countless times live and every performance proved their qualities as a live act. It was the first time ever I heard songs sung in Gaelic language. After 24 years Donnie left the band and I lost interest since the music and sound changed due to the new vocalist.

My favourite Runrig album, containing my favourite song "Going home", will always be "Once in a lifetime" (1989), followed by "The cutter & The clan" (1997), "Heartland" (1985), "Amazing things" (1993)..... Don't miss out the wonderful compilation "The Gaelic collection".
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