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As one of the very best British Folk Rock bands, the Oysterband play Folk and Rock combined with a bit of Punk. Their excellent musicians, superb songwriting and never boring sound makes them the leading heroes of Folk Rock, unfortunately they are not as popular as they'd deserve.

The Oysterband are:

- John Jones (lead vocals, melodeon, accordian, piano)
- Alan Prosser (guitars, mandolin, banjo, violin, vocals)
- Chopper (bass, cello, vocals)
- Lee (drums, vocals)
- Ian Telfer (violin, concertina)

Although I haven't seen the Oysterband playing live up to now, I have been told that this is something not to miss at all.

My favourite album so far is the rather mellow, folky "Deep Dark Ocean". If you are not familiar with the Oysterband, I would recommend their 2-CD-compilation "Granite Years - Best of 1986 to '97"


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