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Find out what's Chaz's favourite....... in this list of questions

I like really vivid colours, red, blue, green and I also love pink and I like yellow. A really vivid purple is probably my 1st choice though
home made soup and anything with melted cheese on..... and erh, vegetarian please
huge red wines like Rioja, whiskey and champagne ( not all at once )
I have a huge and varied taste in music, what I listen to depends on how I feel, it could be Deep Purple, Joni Mitchell (with Jaco Pastorius on bass), Alison Krauss (the Forget About It album, absolutely one of my all time favorite cds) Pat Metheney, a lot of Gaelic music.... I could seriously go on and on and on.....
I have 3 favorite shirts, a purple one which I bought in Koeln, a really bright yellow one and a nice blue/green silk Versace shirt. there are others, but those are my top 3 at the moment
after shave
Dolce and Gabbana and Allure by Chanel
well, in recent times it must be Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, but an all time classic, for me is Whiskey galore (1949)...... no doubt about it, oh, and Blade Runner and and.......
so many, no real fav, maybe Dustin Hoffman and Helen Mirren.... this one is difficult
the silver darlings and morning tide, both by my fav author............
Neil Gunn
that is also difficult...... believe it or not....the guys who play in Donnie's band were all big favorites of mine before I started playing with them!
I'm a big fan of female vocalists....Alison Krauss, Eva Cassidy, Oleta Adams, Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Rait...... and the rest
Alison Krauss "Forget About It " this could change of course
this is not possible to answer with any accuracy......
favourite Donnie Munro song
difficult but if someone were to put a gun to my head, then it would have to be............ Irene, The Garden Boy or Fields Of The Young. that of course could change in future.
without a doubt It's Spring...... such a feeling of optimism abounds
Ballachulish and surrounding area
best gig
I saw David Bowie in 1973...... made a lasting Impression
and last but not least his
life philosophy
We're only here once, let's see what we can do to help
favourite quote or saying
If you worry you die, If you don't worry you die.
worst nightmare
going senile

staying alive and photography