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Born a Scorpio on 6th November 1958, in a village called Milton-of-Campsie in Stirling-shire, at the bottom of the Campsie Hills, 10 miles from Glasgow, Chaz discovered electric guitar at about age 10.

His early musical influences include Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie and others. Later influences include, Steve Morse, Eric Johnson and his all time favourite musician, bassist, the late Jaco Pastorius,who played for Weather Report and people like Joni Mitchell.
Chaz moved to Glasgow in his late teens, played with many blues and rock bands over the years. He started to gain a reputation as a fine guitarist and steadily found work as a session musician.

Chaz met Chris Harley while working on the Blair Douglas album „Beneath The Beret", where they immediately became friends (and as far as that’s concerned the rest is history). Working with Blair is also where Chaz discovered Gaelic music, which meant having to buy an acoustic guitar.

Several years later the band Cliar was formed with the musicians Blair Douglas, Arthur Cormack, Mary Ann Kennedy, Maggie McDonald, Bruce McGregor and Chaz. Since the early days of Cliar, Blair has left to be replaced by Ingrid Henderson. The band released the highly respected album „Cliar" in early 2000.

Then one day Chaz got the phone call from Chris inviting him to play on the new Donnie Munro album, and to possibly do some gigs….. Well… once again all that is history.

Next came the idea of a Chaz Stewart album, and several months of really enjoyable studio work later we have "The Angel Falls".

Recorded at Watercolour studios in Ardgour in the West Highlands of Scotland. This is a mainly instrumental album where Chaz draws on his many musical influences to produce pieces as diverse as the almost heavy metal "The Timekeeper" to the sleepy piano instrumental „Farewell To The Mill".
On this album Chaz plays, electric and acoustic guitar, piano, keyboards, jaw harp, organ and even manages to sing lead vocal on two songs. He has also drawn on the talents of Nick Turner, who recorded, produced and worked the drum tools, Andy Allan on bass guitar, Mary Ann Kennedy on harp and backing vocals, Eileen Hester on backing vocals, Blair Douglas on accordion and organ, and Steve Lawrence on percussion. He has already written several pieces for the next album...

Until May 2001 Chaz was also a member of the band "Burach", with which he spent a very enjoyable 9 months travelling all over the U.K. and beyond. He went with them to Bogota in Colombia/South America, Tbilisi in Georgia, Oman and Abu Dhabi on the Arabian peninsula, and on a very exotic trip to Jakarta in Indonesia. Unfortunately playing with three bands started to take its toll and Chaz reluctantly left the band at the end of the Indonesia trip in May of this year.

Having already written the original music for two theatre productions by the Celts and Comrades theatre company, Chaz has been approached by them to write the music for their next production.

Chaz now lives in Ballachulish in Argyll, near Glencoe and Fort William in the beautiful and spectacular West Highlands of Scotland.