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Ardtreck Point lighthouse
Ardtreck lighthouse
Ardtreck lighthouse
Ardtreck Point, Loch Bracadale
Ardtreck Point
Loch Bracadale panel, click to view enlargement
Panel of the Highland Regional Council about Loch Bracadale.
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The panel tells us:

"Before you is a small part of one of the most scenic sea-lochs in Skye. Facing south into the Atlantic, Loch Bracadale has a number of islands which, because of the way they were formed, have near vertical seaward sides and gently sloping landward sides. The local dark rock, volcanic in origin, is basaltic in nature and has led to interesting geological formations, like the islands, and the coast is rich in pillars, arches, caves and waterfalls falling into the sea. Beyond Idrigill Point there are three basalt pillars known as "MacLeod's Maidens".

A thousand or more years ago, this area was settled by the Vikings, who gave Bracadale and some of the ohter places, like the islands of Oronsay and Wiay, their Nordic and not Gaelic names. Later the lands here became the property of the MacLeods of Dunvegan.

The statistical report for 1820 shows that the population of Bracadale, before the "Highland Clearances", was over 2000. In the late 1820's great changes took place in how the land was used and vast numbers of people were evicted from their homes and emigrated to the New World. Most of the people from Bracadale settled in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Dr. Johnson visited Dun Beag Broch, behind you, when he stayed in the area in 1773.

At Carbost, on the shores of Loch Harport, an arm of Loch Bracadale, is the famous Talisker Distillery, which is open to visitors from April to September."

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